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Brilliant yet simple app trailer video

Wunderlist is a cloud-based lists management app. Their third version will soon be available and they are teasing us with this remarkable video showing the most convenient features of their app in an elegant, Apple-inspired way. [youtube][/youtube]

Read more when porn meets charity

Come4 is a charity user-generated porn site with 3 objectives: Promote a positive, secular, liberal and pluralistic ideal of human sexuality Respect consumers of online sexual content Support people, ethical causes and non-profit foundations with provoking ideas BEING France released the first ad of their campaign: [vimeo width=”540″ height=”303″][/vimeo] Do you think is an […]

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Oreo has its own Goldberg machine

Just like RedBull Oreo releases its own Goldberg machine video. [youtube width=”540″ height=”324″][/youtube] A nice short film from Wieden+Kennedy even if the concept is already a bit overused…

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Red Bull Kluge

An impressive Goldberg machine for the last Red Bull brand content. [youtube width=”540″ height=”304″][/youtube]

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Voulez-vous paté avec moi ?

[youtube][/youtube] (Source : Brain Magazine)

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